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Re: ess(4) device_t/softc split

> Subject says all. Patch attached.
> Compile tested only since I don't have the hardware.

I'll try to dig out my ESS-1868 ISAPnP card later, but
probably you also have to update sys/dev/ofisa/ess_ofisa.c and

% find sys -name 'files*' -exec grep '[         ]ess' {} \; -print
attach  ess at pnpbios with ess_pnpbios
file    arch/i386/pnpbios/ess_pnpbios.c         ess_pnpbios
device  ess { } : audiobus, isadma, mulaw, auconv, midibus
file    dev/isa/ess.c                   ess                     needs-flag
attach  ess at isa with ess_isa
file    dev/isa/ess_isa.c               ess_isa                 needs-flag
attach  opl at ess with opl_ess
attach  joy at ess with joy_ess
attach  ess at isapnp with ess_isapnp
file    dev/isapnp/ess_isapnp.c                 ess_isapnp
attach  ess at ofisa with ess_ofisa
file    dev/ofisa/ess_ofisa.c           ess_ofisa
Izumi Tsutsui

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