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Boot problems - grub related?

I've got an aging Intel box running a -current from about two years ago,
from before we started loading modules from /stand/...  Having updated a
couple of other systems to a fresh -current on January 1st, I figured
I'd do this one, too.  It's slightly different in that it has grub as
the main boot loader for the boot disk, with this /grub/menu.lst:

default 0
timeout 30
title NetBSD
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

I started out by getting new /boot, /netbsd, and full /stand/... tree
over from one of the working machines, and verifying that the new /boot
didn't have any problems loading my (non-modular) /netbsd.old.  I then
attempted to boot the new /netbsd.  No luck.  Some "linker error"
messages flash across the screen before the kernel boot messages, but I
can't see what they actually say, of course -- too fast.  Then comes
good old "error 79"; no modules loaded.

I've verified that /boot can see the file system OK: it can ls the
module tree, all the way down to ffs.kmod.  I've tried using an explicit
load command to have it load that file (even with full path), but it
makes no difference.

The very same /boot, /netbsd, and /stand/... set work fine on the box
they came from - but it has a NetBSD primary bootstrap, whereas the
failing one has grub at the start of the disk, and the NetBSD bootstrap
in its own partition.

Is there perhaps something I need to do differently when using grub?

Self documenting code isn't. User application constraints don't. --Ed Prochak

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