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unreasonable reponse instability (sparc?)

i'm still in hopes of finding reasons to absolutely love netbsd, even if i can't code device drivers i can at least love it!

not much of a setup here, living at a group home and have an sun sultra 30 300Mhz 2MB L2 sparcv9 512MB machine that i tend to play with when i'm not sleeping my life away! Enough with it, a couple issues having to do with response:

- already noted once a few days, when under (mostly hd io as it would seem) load by 'nice -n 20 tar -zxvf gnusrc.tgz' (or the equiavelent which would make sense) commands seemed very unresponsive, such that running 'ulimit' would take a few seconds and would then again the next time! as if there where no command cache, maybe i'm crazy or maybe it's sparc but has anyone else experienced this?

- this last time i had it installed (i swap alot of os's often, comparing features, stability, load, response, etc.. nothing but time!) i did a 'nice -n 20 ./configure' for some piece of software, don't remember which, and while watching a ping set on or somewhat, it jumped all over, at least doubled quite often. tested repeatedly.

this could be sparc, or i could be crazy, but has anyone else noticed anything such as this? i'm a big response/latency freak

i absolutely love (and hope to continue loving) netbsd, maybe someone has experienced this and can confirm it or has an idea what i'm experiencing.


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