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Re: Why is my gigabit ethernet so slow?

On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 20:22:53 +0200
Antti Kantee <> wrote:

> Hmm, I made it the default before reading your mail.  Sounds still like
> a more sensible default, i.e. server people are more likely to be in a
> need to configure their machines anyway.

I generally see that NetBSD default settings suit better servers than
desktops, as would be the case for those sysctls.  For instance,
desktop users might want to also tweak vm settings to allow more exec
pages and less buffer cache, and to increase sysv shm limits which
are too low to run flash in firefox with nsplugginwrapper+compat_linux.

Typically desktop applications also require the various user limits to
be relaxed compared to on servers (i.e. I add a desktop user class to

Considering there are far more servers than desktops running NetBSD (I
myself run it on routers and servers except for a single laptop and a
single desktop), these defaults seem reasonable to me, however.
If the NetBSD Desktop project ever sees the day for netbsd-6+, it might
be the right time to support a few different common configurations at
sysinst time, each with their own defaults?


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