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Re: Hardware-accelerated IPsec, anyone?

>>>>> "Hubert" == Hubert Feyrer <> writes:
    Hubert>  * hifn(4) - Available in various cards, but also with some
    Hubert> warnings in the manpage:

    Hubert>      Support for the 7955 and 7956 is incomplete; the
    Hubert> asymmetric crypto facil- ities are to be added and the
    Hubert> performance is suboptimal.

Hifn has code that completes everything.

    Hubert> What do people use for hardware accelerated IPsec these
    Hubert> days?  What options did I miss, which ones are good, which

Quad-core pentium is faster than hardware due to limits of PCI bus
performance, unless your machine has other compute-intensive things to do.

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