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Re: widechar-enabled libedit problem on amd64

Am 14.01.2010 14:21, schrieb Matthias Drochner:
> Hi -
> a -current libedit crashes for me on amd64 if I attempt
> tabcompletion, the stacktrace is:

Hi Matthias,

I've discovered exactly the same problem today... after stepping through the disassembly a little, it turns out it isn't a compiler bug after all (phew) -- the variables actually get set to different values in the functions, so the values shown in your stack trace are legitimate.

However, there is a call to alloca() that is allocating too few bytes in fn_complete(). The following Strcpy() then overrides memory, and hence the SIGSEGV.

I've just filed a fix in lib/42637.



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