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Re: NetBSD-current no longer boots after install wrote:
> said:
> > I replaced the /boot on my non-booting 201001150000Z system by a copy
> > from a 201001140000Z system, and now it boots.  So yes, the problem
> > does appear to be in /boot.
> Yes I see -- the new bits are located in the installboot-installed
> part, not in the filesystem visible /boot. Didn't expect that
> something replaces /boot without applying installboot.
> I could easily invert the meaning of the flags, so that
> the default values don't change. This would mean that
> we'd have kind of "negative options" then which are
> less esthetical at least for me.

IMO, it depends on design of our GENERIC behavior.
If all GENERIC kernels require bootloader loading modules for root fs,
it is not negative to disable it but an actual "option".

Anyway, I think it's better to make loading modules default for now
because design of modules are still under discussion and
I guess you need to disable it only for pxeboot.
Izumi Tsutsui

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