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Re: Git and ident of binaries

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On 2010-01-12 23:56 +0000 (Tue), Thomas Adam wrote:

> You distribute the hook as part of the repository and use a README file --
> no, I am not being flippant, that's how this sort of thing gets managed in
> other projects.

How often is this subject to human failure, where someone forgets to set
up the hook and ends up committing changes with the old id?

> "man gitattributes" -- Git has expansion for $Id$ placeholders....

And for arbitrary filters as well, which means we can just commit a
filter that does the appropriate $NetBSD$ munging if we don't like
touching $Id$ (which I think we don't, since sometimes we want the $Id$
of something that was imported).

So, problem solved, if we need to maintain this feature.

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The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism
by those who have not got it.    --George Bernard Shaw

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