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Re: Status of itohy-usb1 branch and/or device support in the axe driver?

> Can anyone enlighten me on the status of the itohy-usb1 branch?
> According to BRANCHES, this branch contains a "USB stack overhaul,
> mostly DMA related", but
> it also contains support for additional devices.
> It appears that the original developer's work was discontinued in May
> 2008 except for a set of
> commits on 12 and 13 Nov 2009 by Masao Uebayashi with commit messages
> talking about reducing
> diffs with HEAD.

Yes, I spent some time to look there.  The goal of that was mainly to improve
buffer handling to avoid memory copy & improve performance.  My gut feeling
is to improve that part is a little too complex to achieve against the current
state of code.  My plan is to clean up all the code, document the internal
first.  Next make the stack all run in thread context & make it SMP-safe.
Buffer handling is next.

(I'm meaning to continue the work, but it's not scheduled...)

> The D-link device mentioned above is just one example needed by
> another poster, I have both a Belkin F5D5055
> and an Apple USB LAN adapter that seem to be (or could be) covered by
> the enhanced axe driver.

I could make a new USB 2.0 ethernet device work on locally modified itohy-usb1.
The changes are not really dependent on the branch.  It's all about motivation
& time...


Masao Uebayashi / Tombi Inc. / Tel: +81-90-9141-4635

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