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Removing debugging symbols from kernel modules


I recently started to use kernel modules to ease developpement on my
amd64 machine. For now i only used compat linux and linux32 ones,
which worked flawlessly (since recent build fixes). Now, i'm trying to
use all the remaining compat modules. But ...

I can load a few modules (mostly 3 or 4), but then all other fail with
ENOMEM. The problem is that kernel modules are build, in my case, with
debugging support just like the whole userland; and quickly eat all
the reserved kernel space for module loading.

MKDEBUG=        yes
.if !defined(KERNEL_BUILD) && MKDEBUG != no
COPTS+=         -g
STRIPFLAG=      -S -d

While i can test for defined(KMOD) to disable debugging, it could be
convenient to keep it here just in case and only install a stripped
version ...

I then tested to add ${STRIPFLAG} to the module installation command
(from share/mk/ which solved the problem; but i wonder
if this safe enough or we should use the kernel mecanism instead
(SYSTEM_LD_TAIL_DEBUG from sys/conf/ ?


Nicolas Joly

Biological Software and Databanks.
Institut Pasteur, Paris.

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