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Re: infinite messages from acpitz0

Hmm.  Just a few questions to help narrow this down...

1. From what earlier version did you update this laptop?

2. Do you have anything in your /etc/envsys.conf file?

3. Can you provide ALL of the acpitz lines from your dmesg.boot file?

4. These messages should also be logged in /var/log/messages - with
   time-stamps.  Can you provide a few iterations, with time-stamps?

I've recently "retired" the two machines I have with acpitz but I can bring them back on-line over the Christmas holidays to see if I have similar issues.

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009, Frank Wille wrote:


since I have updated a HP NX6310 laptop to 5.99.22 I'm seeing lots of
messages from acpitz0 in the console:

acpitz0: warning over limit on 'temperature'
acpitz0: normal state on 'temperature'

The system oscillates between the two states with a frequency between
30s and a few minutes. Is this the normal behaviour? I cannot remember
seeing it with 4.0 or 5.0.

Frank Wille

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