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Re: Current panics

On Nov,Friday 20 2009, at 6:54 PM, Aleksej Saushev wrote:

Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 11:11:27AM +0300, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
Crash version 5.99.22, image version 5.99.22.
System panicked: dump forced via kernel debugger
Backtrace from time of crash is available.
crash> bt
_KERNEL_OPT_NAGR(100,8,c02c5185,8,c05a0f48,0,c051733c,c05a0f1c, 0,e596a824) at 0 _KERNEL_OPT_IPX(100,0,e596a8d4,c018012a, 0,0,c05b3185,e596a848,c05b3183,d000063) at 0xedfee000 db_sifting_cmd (0,0,c05b3185,e596a848,c05b3183,d000063,e596a864,c01748db,2f00,0) at 0xc017f9d7 db_command (e596a8f4 ,c05a0eb0 ,c0697d19,c04a62b4,0,e596a970,c05a0eb0,e596a8d8,e596a914,0) at 0xc018012a db_command_loop(c04a62b4,5493,1,edf37775,c05e8b60,1,1,ffffff, 0,e596aa70) at 0xc018036d db_trap(6,0,58,c03bd477,c05dc120,1000000,0,c054375c,0,10) at 0xc0185cd0 kdb_trap(6,0,e596aa70,c04a62b4,8,210206,14,0,e596aa1c,c0280e14) at 0xc0182cc4
trap() at 0xc03dd07e
--- trap (number 6) ---
_atomic_inc_32 (e596ac68,e679f800,400,0,0,ea255ad0,0,c0458e21,edfee000,cd266000) at 0xc04a62b4 vn_open(e596ac68,1,1b6,c03b49cf,1,edf375d8,c05a0688,0,1,e679f800) at 0xc0462f8d sys_open (edfee000 ,e596ad00,e596ad28,88e8000,e552b0e4,edf375d8,5,bb249780,0,1b6) at 0xc045f9cc syscall(e596ad48,b3,ab,1f, 1f,bb249780,bfa00000,bfbfbb38,bbab1144,0) at 0xc03bf6c6

I keep /var/crash contents for some time in case anyone's interested.

I can't see from where the _atomic_inc_32 could come from in
vn_open(). Could you see what is the address of vn_open() in your kernel
(nm /netbsd |grep vn_open should tell) ?

c0462e4d B vn_open

Is there any way to associate addresses to line numbers?

see here



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