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Re: suspend for raid devices?

On Oct 15, 2009, at 10:04 PM, Malcolm Herbert wrote:

For portability and DR reasons I have set up my laptops so that the
internal disk is under RAIDFrame management as one half of a broken
mirror - this also allows me to boot my wife's laptop with the
still-beating HDD from mine in a USB caddy with no ill-effects if I have
to ...

This works very well in most situations[1], however the version of
-current I had at the time (5.99.15 from mid-July) did not allow me to
suspend the laptop as the raid device lacked power management.  dmesg
has this to say:

|# zzz
|Suspending system...
|# dmesg | tail
|acpi0: entering state 3
|Devices without power management support: raid0
|acpi0: aborting suspend

I'm not sure what support is needed, however I was wondering whether it was available now in a current kernel, or if not, how likely would it be
to be implemented?

Given that raid0 is a metadevice for real devices that do have power management, I suspect that a null routine will suffice. If I'm remembering and reading the code directly, see the calls to pmf_device_register and pmf_device_deregister in usb/ugen.c (to pick one pseudo-random example).

                --Steve Bellovin,

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