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Re: rc drops into single-user despite rc_configured=YES

On Thu, 15 Oct 2009, Alex Poylisher wrote:
> I posted the contents of my /etc/rc.conf.  There is little else I can say.  

You could say what messages appeared or what other behaviour you
observed.  You could say what version of NetBSD you are running
(if -current then the date/time you checked it out from CVS).  In
fact, you do say those things below, though you omitted them from
your earlier report.

> The system is booted normally, /etc/rc is started (I put an echo
> command after it sources /etc/rc.conf and checks for rc_configured),
> the next message on the console after kernel messages is "Enter
> pathname of shell or RETURN for sh:".
> This is -current/amd64 with today's kernel and yesterday's userland.

The symptoms do sound very similar to the /bin/sh problem of about
a week ago.  Do you have revision 1.98 of src/bin/sh/eval.c? If
not, then please update.  If you do have a /bin/sh built from the
latest sources, then please try to use "echo" or "set -x" in
strategic places in /etc/rc to try to figure out how far it gets
before breaking.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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