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confirmed working: 5.0 .iso with VirtualBox 3.0.8 on OSX/Intel

I've been whining about OSX as a virtualization host for NetBSD for some time, using parallels (with problems) and having failed with virtualbox.

I read last night that a NetBSD vt-x related patch had been added into virtualbox and tred the 3.0.8 release on OSX Snow Leopard, and I can confirm that it WORKED, with vt-x and ACPI *enabled*. Network is ok, I haven't yet tested X11 or sound.

This is a considerable improvement: previously, I have only been able to use parallels with vt-x and ACPI disabled, depending on the older APM related power hooks and setup.

The VirtualBox I am using on Snow Leopard is from:

and I used the 5.0 release .ISO image to install into a 2GB virtual disk.

Refs into their (virtualbox) SVN/bugs which have been fixed:

So, if anyone in NetBSD core/other helped get this patching done, My thanks.

Nice to have another platform to work in. Nice to have ACPI and vt-x working.


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