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Re: mDNSResponder build failure on 64-bit platform (amd64)

On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, Ty Sarna wrote:

On Sep 30, 2009, at 4:21 AM, Elias Benali wrote:

This particular line fails due to the assumptions about the size of
the structure,

external/apache2/mDNSResponder/dist/mDNSShared/dnssd_ipc.h:338 :
"char assert1[(sizeof(ipc_msg_hdr)      == 28) ? 1 : -1];"

Can you provide the whole error message? I started an amd64 cross build and I believe I'm already well past the part where this should happen. It was also reported to me that it builds on sparc64.

Proposed fix, as in dns_sd.h, ifdef the offending code out

The dns_sd.h doesn't fail, (and seems extremely unlikely to anyway), so it's just commented out to avoid getting a warning in everything using the header.

Did you see:
#   compile  lib/dnssd_clientlib.ln
/usr/src/obj.amd64/tooldir.NetBSD-5.99.19-amd64/bin/x86_64--netbsd-lint -chapbxzFS -d /usr/include  
-DHAVE_IPV6=1 -DPID_FILE=\"/var/run/mdnsd/\" 
-I/usr/src/external/apache2/mDNSResponder/dist/mDNSShared -i 
warning: cast discards 'const' from pointer target type [275]
warning: constant in conditional context [161]
warning: pointer casts may be troublesome [247]

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