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Re: -current crash when using USB stick; incomplete fsck?

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Klausner <> writes:

Converning this:

    Thomas> Hi! Last night I had two crashes with 5.99.17/amd64. The
    Thomas> first one happened immediately after I put a CF card in
    Thomas> the already attached card reader.

    Thomas> The second one happened when I plugged in a USB flash
    Thomas> disk.

    Thomas> I'm not completely sure when I last used a USB stick, but
    Thomas> I think it was less than two weeks ago, so it probably was
    Thomas> working in 5.99.16; since then I've added "hal" to the
    Thomas> automatically started services.

Same here (amd64): Running /etc/rc.d/hal produces kernel panics when
(un)plugging any kind of device/media (usb, cd media). W/o running or
after stopping /etc/rc.d/hal these panics disappear. (Who's the
culprit? Kernel and/or HAL?)


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