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Very slow core dump speed on ThinkPad T500 amd64 / current


I've been installing NetBSD current on a new ThinkPad T500.  This computer has 
two graphics adaptors, an ATI card (which fails to probe correctly) an Intel  
adaptor.  The Intel works fine with the VESA driver (xorg is latest pkgsrc), 
but when I try to use the Intel driver, I get a uvm_fault in drm_open and the 
system drops into DDB.  I thought I would investigate this a little further so 
I did a "reboot 0x104" expecting a core dump.  Well, I do get a dump, but 
incredibly slowly, I looks like it will take about 3 hours to dump 2GB.  It 
also looks like it's dumping every memory block, whereas on my old (and 
failing) i386 laptop it only dumped a subset (and *much* more quckly).  Is 
this expected behavior?


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