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Proposed changes to acpi_tz sensor behavior

Currently, the acpi_tz sensor reports an ENVSYS_CRITOVER event when the temperature value exceeds a _CRT threshold, and reports ENVSYS_WARNOVER when the value exceeds a _HOT limit. No event is currently reported when any of the lower "Active Level n" limits are encountered.

I would propose changing this behavior as follows:

1. ENVSYS_WARNOVER event is generated whenever any active cooling level
   is exceeded.

2. ENVSYS_CRITOVER event is generated whenever _HOT limit is exceeded;
   if the _HOT limit is not defined, then ENVSYS_CRITOVER will be
   generated when the _CRT limit is exceeded.

3. For Passive Cooling Only mode, there will be no change in behavior.

Additionally, since there are specific actions taken at each of the Active Cooling Levels (powering parts of a zone on or off), and the limits are not user-programmable,

4. The {warn,crit}{min,max} threshold levels will be specified only
   by the device itself;  event reporting thresholds may not be set
   from userland.


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