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File unlock

        I'm running 5.99.13 and Firefox 3.  I can start Firefox 
once without a problem.  If I try to start Firefox again, 
it states that a previous instance is running, but not 
responding.  There is no other instance.  The problem is 
that the file .parentlock.  It is an empty file that 
Firefox creates to indicate that an instance is running.  
If I delete the file, I can restart the program.  
        Looking at the ktruss output, Firefox opens and 
locks .parentlock, but I don't see where the lock is ever 
removed.  I've tested and confirmed that NetBSD is removing 
locks upon program exit.  It looks like file descriptor 6 
is begin reassigned as a socket.  This could be the 
problem.  The ktruss output is attached.


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