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CVS' activity bulletin - Issue 002

Hi all,

Please find hereafter the third issue of the weekly [well, sort of.. ]
CVS activity news bulletin.

I kinda screwed the two last issues, part because of a never ending
relocation, but also due $REALWORLD stuff.

Talk time passed, time to shoot... let's see what happened since May
25th, pfff, that's a long time !:

 -= Bug fix =-
 * Fixes 2 RX hwcsum issues on rtl8139's DESCV2 chips. [Izumi Tsutsui]
 * Fix NULL dereferences in the compat versions of getpwent, getpwnam,
and getpwuid. [Yamamoto Takashi]
 * PR#41487 - Removal of a bogus assertion. [Andrew Doran]
 * PR#41489 - Fix return value of etpriority(2). [Elad Efrat]
 * PR#39536 - Fix a race in physio_done() leading to a use-after-free.
[Juergen Hannken-Illjes]
 * PR#38260 - Improve carp(4) logging. [Christos Zoulas]
 * PR#41494 - Fix a crash in sysctlfs which happened while reading a
node on amd64 [Nicolas Joly, patch by pooka@]
 * PR#41487 - reset fd_himap/lomap in fd_free(). [Yamamoto Takashi]
 * PR#41206 - Import xf86-video-s3-0.6.1 from [Adam Hoka]
 * PR#41541 - Fix block size reference. [Michael van Elst]
 * PR#41549 - Fix posix advisory locks. [Yamamoto Takashi, patch by
Hitoshi Osada]
 * PR#41557 - Fix src/compat build for 64 bit platforms. [Matthew Green]

 -= Version Bump =-
 * netpgp 1.99.3 -> 1.99.8. [Alistair G. Crooks]
 * kernel 5.99.12 -> 5.99.13 - Clean up extra bit definitions in
envsys(4). [Paul Goyette]

 -= Clean-up =-
 * Huge code clean-up in the src/game. [David A. Holland]
 * Typo/spelling fixes in a bunch of manpages. [Soren Jacobsen]
 * device_t/soft_c split in arch/arm/sa11x0, arch/evbarm/lubbock and
arch/hpcarm/dev. [Robert Swindells]
 * Clean-up and restructuration of event handling in envsys(4). [Paul Goyette]

 -= Development =-
 * Add topology detection for AMD CPU. [Mindaugas Rasiukevicius]
 * Add an implementation of SHA224 in libc. [Joerg Sonnenberger]
 * Add a build flag to ifconfig(8) to make it execute rump syscall -
looks like M. Pooka cannot single step in ddb to find Karmen
Sandiego's ioctl ;-) [Antti Kantee]
 * Add IPv6 support in rump - thanks *a lot* pooka@, I won't have to
look how to do that ;-) [Antti Kantee]
 * Revive SparcStation 20 through the rework of low level
CPU/interrupt handling code. [Matthew Green]
 * Add native to linux siginfo si_status translation. [Nicolas Joly]
 * Add TLD relocation definition to machdep elf headers. [Nick Hudson]
 * Implement wakeup_one() in rump, also add user vmspace locking and
remapping routines and emulate pool_prime. [Antti Kantee]
 * Add support for fr_*.UTF-8 locale. [Manuel Bouyer]
 * Add stat/lstat/fstat syscalls and rt_queueinfo(2) support to amd64
linux32 compat. [Nicolas Joly]
 * Extend DDB's 'show event' to take /i /t and /m modifiers, to select
interrupt, trap or misc event types. [Matthew Green]
 * Add support for DIOCGDISKINFO to disk like device drivers. [Adam Hamsik]

 -= Import =-
 * tzdata2009h. [Klaus Klein]
 * pkg_install-20092[78]. [Joerg Sonnenberger]
 * xf86-video-s3-0.6.1 from [Adam Hoka]
 * OpenSSH 5.2 [Christos Zoulas]
 * libdrm-2.4.11 [Matthew Green]
 * xf86-video-intel-2.7.1 [Matthew Green]

Have a good week and happy coding !

 - Arnaud

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