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Re: current & V5 crashes with non-raw sata reads

On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 10:49:33AM +1000, Thilo Jeremias wrote:
> Thor,
> Thanks for telling me I'm doing silly things (maybe I would like to
> focus on the problem?).

The problem is what you decided to do.  I accurately described to you
how the bug you reported is most likely to be fixed -- I will be
surprised if within a year block devices for disks aren't removed
from NetBSD entirely.

If you're trying to debug fsck, or a kernel problem that appears
when you run fsck, debug system facilites that fsck actually uses!
Doing I/O through the metadata cache from userspace just forces
the kernel to do a lot of memory allocation and freelist
manipulation and isn't really a particularly good test of anything.


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