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Re: xcvs fails to compile, undef reference to 'get_date'

On Apr 30, 2009, at 5:41 AM, Ryo HAYASAKA wrote:

In the message on Wed, 29 Apr 2009 13:32:55 -0600,
David Hopper <> wrote:

I haven't seen this come up recently on the list. I'm cross- compiling a -current release for Alpha on OS X (10.5.6, Darwin 9.6.0), and can't
get past compiling xcvs:

Please make sure external/gpl2/xcvs/dist/lib/getdate.c is the latest.

Fresh CVS just now, getdate.c is as follows:

#include <stdlib.h>
#ifndef lint
#if 0
static char yysccsid[] = "@(#)yaccpar   1.9 (Berkeley) 02/21/93";
#if defined(__NetBSD__) && defined(__IDSTRING)
__IDSTRING(yyrcsid, "$NetBSD: skeleton.c,v 1.29 2008/07/18 14:25:37 drochner Exp $");
#endif /* __NetBSD__ && __IDSTRING */
#endif /* 0 */
#endif /* lint */
#define YYBYACC 1
#define YYMAJOR 1
#define YYMINOR 9
#define YYLEX yylex()
#define YYEMPTY -1
#define yyclearin (yychar=(YYEMPTY))
#define yyerrok (yyerrflag=0)
#define YYRECOVERING (yyerrflag!=0)

I still get:

--- dependall-external ---
client.o: In function `handle_mod_time':
/Users/bard/NetBSD-current/src-build/src/external/gpl2/xcvs/dist/src/ client.c:1309: undefined reference to `get_date' /Users/bard/NetBSD-current/src-build/src/external/gpl2/xcvs/dist/src/ client.c:1309: undefined reference to `get_date'
history.o: In function `history':
/Users/bard/NetBSD-current/src-build/src/external/gpl2/xcvs/dist/src/ history.c:555: undefined reference to `get_date' /Users/bard/NetBSD-current/src-build/src/external/gpl2/xcvs/dist/src/ history.c:555: undefined reference to `get_date'
main.o: In function `format_date_alloc':
/Users/bard/NetBSD-current/src-build/src/external/gpl2/xcvs/dist/src/ main.c:1470: undefined reference to `get_date' main.o:/Users/bard/NetBSD-current/src-build/src/external/gpl2/xcvs/ dist/src/main.c:1470: more undefined references to `get_date' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)

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