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Re: weird firefox behaviour

Thomas Klausner wrote:
>Recently I've updated from 5.99.10 to 5.99.11; I think that was the
>point that firefox (3.0.8 at that point; 3.0.9 has the same behaviour)
>stopped reacting to some webpages.

>In particular, sadly, this includes "" and
>"", not "". When I type that name into
>the address bar, it says "Connecting to" in the status
>bar for a _very_ short time, then says "Done" but doesn't display
>anything. If I was at a different webpage before I typed the address,
>it is still shown (the address bar contains the address I typed

I saw this behaviour last week too, it has gone away with a more recent
kernel though.

Robert Swindells

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