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Re: undefined reference to `rumpns_randomport'

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

(So on side note, I was told by others that there are better ideas that my randomport code and that someone else was going to code it. I don't think I saw it yet. My code was sent to tech-net last July.)

Can you please post an updated patch? here are a few comments about the
last one you posted:

  - Please allocate the sysctl dynamically

  - Please put it under a node (like FreeBSD does) in case we ever wanna
    bring in the other tunables

  - The in_pcb.c function you used to patch was in_pcbbind(), and now it
    will be in_pcbsetport(), please also take care of in6_pcbsetport()
    (it's in in6_src.c for now)

  - Isn't "port" a TCP/UDP concept rather than an IP one? :)



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