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Enabling drm?

The manpage for drm(4) says

   1. X must be compiled with DRI support.  On i386, this is usually
      the default.

Is this also the default on amd64?

   2. Mesa (see should be compiled for the
      netbsd-dri target, patch available at

The patch at that location doesn't seem relevant. At the very least, there's not enough directory-path context to figure out which files should be patched. For example, the first chunk in the patch attempts to insert a line

         netbsd \
        +netbsd-dri \
         openbsd \

in a file named Makefile, but

        find $SRCDIR -name Makefile | xargs grep 'openbsd \\'

gives no results.

The second patch chunk attempts to update a file named 'configs/netbsd' but there's no configs directory anywhere in my $SRCDIR. The final patch chunk creates a new file configs/netbsd-dri but again there's no such directory in which to place the new file!

Hints/clues, anyone?

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