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Re: building distribution on amd64 fails

In article <>,
Kurt Schreiner  <> wrote:
>just got the following running ... distribution on amd64:
>dependall ===> compat/external/lib/../bsd/bind/lib/libbind9
>    compile  libbind9/check.o
>    compile  libbind9/getaddresses.o
>    compile  libbind9/version.o
>    compile  libbind9/
>      build  libbind9/libbind9.a
>      build  libbind9/libbind9_p.a
>      build  libbind9/libbind9_pic.a
>nbmake: don't know how to make
>/u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/obj/compat/lib/libpthread/ Stop
>nbmake: stopped in /u/NetBSD/src/compat/external/bsd/bind/lib/libbind9
>*** Failed target:  dependall
>*** Failed command: cd
>/u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/TOOLS/bin/nbmake realall
>*** Error code 2
>nbmake: stopped in /u/NetBSD/src/compat/external/bsd/bind/lib/libbind9
>Another problem w/ compat/external/bsd/bind/lib: There are no objdirs
>build while running " -u -N 1 -x -U -m amd64 -O
> -D /u/NetBSD/ar ch/amd64/dest -T /u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/TOOLS distribution"
>Building these manually (by running
>"/u/NetBSD/arch/amd64/TOOLS/bin/nbmake-amd64 obj"
>in src/compat/external/bsd/bind/lib ) helps at least keeping the objs out of
>the src-dir, but I wouldn't call this a "solution" ;-)

I am still trying to figure out where this needs to be called from.


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