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Re: UDP NFS + ipf on netbsd-5 RC3 issues

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009, Paul Ripke wrote:

Further testing, and "ipf -D" fixes UDP NFS. I only had

pass in quick on sk0 all
pass out quick on sk0 all

for that interface. Now, I don't have any rules for that interface at
all, and still if "ipf -E", UDP NFS is bust. My config has been
largely unchanged since netbsd-2.0 days. I also don't see anything
logged to ipmon for these packets, even though most of my rules log.

Has anyone else seen this? Any other ideas?

I reported this quite some time ago:

Unfortunately, it has never been resolved, and I continue to this day to use tcp mounts on this one machine that need ipf enabled.

While I'm sorry you've encountered this problem, I must say it feels a little bit nicer to know that i'm no longer alone. :)

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