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Re: 5.0_RC3 messed up RTL8111DL onboard NIC

Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
Hmm, I'm surprised how re1 can get MAC address from EEPROM...
Anyway, could you try the attached patch (for netbsd-5)?

Things are better now with your patch. Both interfaces show similar
and reasonable MAC addresses (re0 has ...4E, re1 ...4C) (although
Windows still considers re1's MAC unset; I left it that way after
the last "incident").

But not all is well. I can't get it to recognize/switch to Gigabit
speed, neither automatically nor manually. And what's worse, this
stays so even when rebooting into Windows. Only a cold-start (as in
powerless until the standby voltage drops off) cures this again.


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