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Any recent changes for ipfilter/ipnat?

This is really wierd...

Up until today, ipnat has been working just fine for me.

Then, one of my NICs died. Unfortunately, it was the on-board nfe0 that died, and I couldn't get a direct replacement. But a visit to the local computer store got me a real cheap tlp0 card.

Of course, I'm running a custom kernel without any tlp0 support, so I built a new kernel. It boots up fine and the tlp0 interface is working.

But, traffic arriving from the tlp0 interface is not getting ipnat'ed. ipnat -l shows no sessions (although it _does_ show the ruleset). As a result, the traffic from my private network doesn't get forwarded out via the real network.

The only thing I can think of is that my new kernel is 5.99.10 while my userland is still 5.99.8, but I don't recall there being any recent changes to ipfilter/ipnat.

So, should I expect this combination to work?

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