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daily CVS update output

Updating src tree:
P src/crypto/dist/heimdal/kpasswd/kpasswdd.c
P src/games/robots/robots.6
P src/libexec/rexecd/rexecd.8
P src/sbin/newfs_sysvbfs/newfs_sysvbfs.8
P src/sbin/newfs_sysvbfs/newfs_sysvbfs.c
P src/share/man/man7/hier.7
P src/share/man/man7/operator.7
P src/share/man/man7/sysctl.7
P src/share/man/man8/rc.subr.8
P src/sys/arch/hp300/include/intr.h
P src/sys/arch/i386/i386/kvm86.c
P src/sys/arch/news68k/include/intr.h
P src/sys/fs/sysvbfs/sysvbfs_vfsops.c
P src/usr.sbin/bind/nslookup/nslookup.8
P src/usr.sbin/mtree/mtree.8

Updating xsrc tree:

Killing core files:

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Fri Apr 10 03:05:24 2009
SUP Scan for current completed at Fri Apr 10 03:06:24 2009
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Fri Apr 10 03:06:24 2009
Can't chdir to /ftp/pub/NetBSD/mailing-lists
SUP: Scan for mirror aborted at Fri Apr 10 03:06:24 2009

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 srcmastr  netbsd  35973636 Apr 10 04:01 ls-lRA.gz

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