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Re: btpand exec at boot time

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> Hi! Iain and all,
> I connect to NAP on PlayStation3(Fedora10) with btpand(8).
> This condition is gooooood!
> I hope to execute btpand(8) at boot time.  I tried with /etc/ifconfig.tap0.
> However not execute btconfig and bthcid, sdpd yet...
> How shall I do it?
> In my opinion, more than early to execute /etc/rc.d/btconfig.  The REQUIRE
> change to NETWORK from DAEMON.  And add the sdpd to REQUIRE in
> /etc/rc.d/network.

I have no simple method to arrange this at the moment, I use a script for
up/down. Best place is probably rc.local so far but I have been looking
into using a routing socket so that btpand can manage the interface more
actively and I'm hoping to add a 'persistent' mode for a client, so that
you can initialize the interface and use ifconfig up/down to make or break
the link, plus some other things relating to the service record.

For client mode, it requires btconfig at least, bthcid possibly to provide
link key (or this can be stored in the device using btkey) and for server
mode it should require sdpd but can be configured to not need that.  I
have not looked into what is needed to properly support periodic inquiry
mode but it might be useful for the case of a dynamic network (ie btpand
only tries to connect if the device is visible rather than run the battery
down trying to connect all the time)


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