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Re: pxeboot stuck for ThinkPad PXE

A followup to my own;

Someone out there did have pxeboot stuck symptom with
ThinkPad PXE boot sequence?

I managed to boot off my A21m.  The most challenging was
dead CPU fan symptom.  I made a hard breath blow to the
back and YES the fan started spinning.  Believe me, the
urban myth is true (!)

I found that the pxeboot stuck is persist with reasonably
recent -current iso.  Deeper dig brought me some insight
about what's going.  When multiple DHCP relies are sent
back to initial pxeboot request (under multiple DHCP server
environment) , the pxeboot gets confused and sends out
very errneous UDP frame DURING the boot-off sequence.
The symptom does occur statistitcally.  My guess the addition
of boot.cfg makes the potential wreck of libsa revealed in day
light.  More analysis will follow.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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