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Re: SEMVMX problem with postgresql

Patrick Welche <> wrote:
> I saw an unresolved posting about this on port-xen:
>  FATAL:  semctl(65538, 16, SETVAL, 536) failed: Result too large or too
> small HINT:  You possibly need to raise your kernel's SEMVMX value to be at
> least 536.  Look into the PostgreSQL documentation for details.

By the way, why semid argument of this semctl() is so high? Perhaps it would
be worth ktrace to be sure what is exactly passed. Also, what ipcs(1) shows?

A while ago (well, 10 months ago), this validation check was added, see rev
1.83 of sysv_sem.c source. From the quick glance, it looks OK to me, however.

Best regards,

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