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Re: "loopback mount" via vnd feature request

Christos Zoulas wrote:
Well we need to fix this at some point. There is the namei cache hack
vnode_to_path for now, that will give you a path to the vnode if one
exists, but we need to add a more reliable reverse lookup.

From a xen user perspective ... yes please!

I'd have to say that this is the one and only thing left when using xen that can be troublesome. Having 10+ vnodes and trying to figure out which one is which can be time consuming at best (I feel for anyone with more than that :).

Having used linux and netbsd in a similar manner, I'd have to say I prefer the facilities provided by netbsd. In saying that, the examples provided for linux hide the fact your are creating and mounting a virtual device, making it easier to use. That coupled with automatic removal of the device when unmounting the filesystem makes it even easier (am I wrong in saying that? I have no where to test atm).

I wouldn't agree that that is better though. I love netbsd for it's logical clean layout and procedures, even if some things are a little more pedantic than other systems. Options are always good though and I wouldn't object to something that can automate the redundant or mundane if one so chooses :) but I'm unsure how you could handle an image with multiple partitions non-interactively. It's all well and good for an iso. Now I think of it, I've only used isos under linux. I'd imagine you'd have just as pedantic a task in linux when an image has multiple partitions/filesystems.

I think it's one of those linux obfuscation issues :)


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