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Re: Shlib major bumps and UPDATE builds

> I think your patch is correct, after considering the issues and
> looking at the cvs history of

Heh, ok.

> I'm slightly concerned (as you appear to be) that there may be a
> lurking dependency on the position of certain arguments.

Yep.  Haven't found any yet, though, and I've done a full rebuild
with the patch in place.  (We have other build failures too...)

> A potentially tricky situation is libraries that don't get installed
> into /lib or /usr/lib (e.g., /usr/X11R7/lib); it may be worthwhile
> confirming that the X11 apps are linked correctly too.

I've done the following:

1) Removed the new major-version libraries from
   $DESTDIR/usr/X11R7/lib (since I had already built and
   installed into that)
2) Touched all the shlib_version files (to trigger a shared
   library rebuilds, via that other part of my patch)
3) Done a full rebuild including X11 for i386
4) Written a perl script which checks whether any of the
   resulting installed *.so files (symlinks) in DESTDIR's /lib,
   /usr/lib or /usr/X11R7/lib refer via a NEEDED entry to a
   library which does not have the highest major shared library
   version number (by looking at the output of "readelf -d").
   The script printed nothing, meaning there were none, so I
   think this part is fine as well.

> Other than that, I'd just commit the patch.

Cool!  Any comment to that "add shlib_version as a dependency"
part?  It's convenient, and should not really cause any changes
to the effort of building or rebuilding.

I'll commit once I have a comment to this one as well.


- Håvard

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