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passwd processing broken in amd64 (time_t probably)


I have installed a fresh build of NetBSD/amd64 and I cannot change the
user information of the root user.  In fact, sysinst complained about
not being able to set the shell, and the user does not even have a
home directory set.  Running chfn shows that the expiry date for root
is set to something random (Oct 14, 2021) and attempting to change any
field results in:

    chfn: /etc/master.passwd: entry root inconsistent expire
    chfn: /etc/master.passwd: unchanged

A simple test program that calls getpwent to show the uid and expiry
values for all users shows that everyone has an expiry date of 0
except root, which has a random number in it.  After running pwd_mkdb
manually, all users end up with random values.

Adding a printf in the _pw_opendb function tells me that the databases
have a version of 0, but due to the time_t changes I'd expect them to
be a different version number explicitly set in them.  I suspect the
problem comes from here, but I don't know and don't have more time to
investigate it now.


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>

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