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Re: Where's my eeepc900 uvideo hiding?

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009, Jared D. McNeill wrote:
Anders Lindgren wrote:
On Thu, 8 Jan 2009, Stephen Borrill wrote:

Have you enabled it in the BIOS? On my 701, it was disabled by default. On the 900A, it was enabled. I don't know about other models.

Ehm, I smack my forehead in embarrassment. *sigh* It never struck med that it might be disabled in bios by default, but you're absolutely right. I enabled it, and now it shows up fine in dmesg.. :-)

Hrrm, now I have to find some kind of video chat software to try it out. Anyone have recommendations? I think the only one I've heard of is ekiga but I have never used it. Somewhat limited possibility to play with it this week, seeing as I am typing this from Argentière and will be off skiing Telemark off piste all week, but I'll see if I can find a pkg somewhere... :-)

Ekiga is the only thing in pkgsrc right now that I know of; it can do SIP and H.323 (which is supposed to work with NetMeeting).

There is also mbone/vic-devel, but its v4l2 support is untested (or rather uvideo didn't work for me in any software last time I checked (I know there've been updates since then) so my tests were inconclusive).


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