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Re: christos-time_t has been merged wrote:

> | So how about the following types for libsa?
> | 
> | 1) use uint16_t for getsecs()
> | 
> |  65536 secs == ~18 hours are enough for boot, and
> |  only three files in sys/lib/libsa refer it.
> |  (not sure how many MD drivers also use it though)
> | 
> | 2) use int for all other functions which use time_t for timeout seconds
> | 
> |  Then mechanical replacements time_t -> int will work.
> |  (I guess most backend drivers implicitly convert it to int or u_int
> |   via their prototype)
> | 
> | Comments?
> I am fine with both suggestions, but don't you think that having typedefs
> instead of using naked types is better?

IMO current libsa code is not so smart and I doubt such typedef
will make sources better per efforts...

For the former getsecs(), MD functions should return
a 16 bit value so I think it's okay to use explicit uint16_t.

The latter is a value for "some small seconds for timeout",
so int might be okay for me.

If you have good typedef names for them, I'll use them in net.h ;-)

Izumi Tsutsui

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