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Re: NetBSD-5 Source Acquisition

Graham Jenkins, 01/10/09 04:02:
A couple of weeks ago, I acquired the binary sets from

I also acquired sys.tar.gz so that I could build a new kernel.

And then I discovered that I'll also need src.tgz. The problem is that
it's not there any more.  And there there don't seem to be any new daily

Does this mean that NetBSD is about to be released?  Or the i386
daily-build person has become a Linux (or Windows!) disciple?  Or?

And how is one supposed to easily acquire current source tar files?

Please check document page and use anoncvs to get source files from certain date:

cvs checkout -D 20090101-UTC src

Or to get most current one:

cvs checkout -P src

Binary current/head snaphots are kept for about a week to allow people to 
download them easily, and then deleted --- as far as i know.


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