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building netbsd-5_beta native on vax 11/780

Using a beta_5 snapshot from a few days ago, I'm trying to do a full
native build on a simulated vax 11/780, using a 2.0.3 kernel and

groff crashed a few times, but *after* producing the output file, so
just restarting worked.

But the I get this:

includes ===> lib/libasn1
/usr/src/release-5/tooldir/bin/nbasn1_compile  --encode-rfc1510-bit-string  
--sequence=KRB5SignedPathPrincipals  --sequence=AuthorizationData  
--sequence=METHOD-DATA  --sequence=ETYPE-INFO  --sequence=ETYPE-INFO2  
/usr/src/crypto/dist/heimdal/lib/asn1/k5.asn1 krb5_asn1
/usr/src/crypto/dist/heimdal/lib/asn1/k5.asn1:3: syntax error

*** Failed target:  krb5_asn1_files
*** Failed command: /usr/src/release-5/tooldir/bin/nbasn1_compile 
--encode-rfc1510-bit-string --sequence=KRB5SignedPathPrincipals 
--sequence=AuthorizationData --sequence=METHOD-DATA --sequence=ETYPE-INFO 
--sequence=ETYPE-INFO2 /usr/src/crypto/dist/heimdal/lib/asn1/k5.asn1 krb5_asn1
*** Error code 1

Back in the day I used to know asn1 but i'm loath to look at it again.
Which mailing list does one send things like this to ?

I did a cvs update, but not on the whole tree.  I guess I'll try that next.


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