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Re: sys/arch/rs6000/stand/boot/magic.h missing

On Jan,Wednesday 7 2009, at 12:03 PM, Wojciech Galazka wrote:

Please consider adding the following file which is currently not
present but is referenced ny inkernel.c from the same directory
I created this file based on
src/sys/arch/powerpc/stand/mkbootimage/magic.h adding two more lines
The resulting boot file is correctly recognized by a rs6000 machine I
used to test it with.

---begin of file

/*      $NetBSD: magic.h,v 1.4 2008/05/24 17:34:03 kiyohara Exp $       */

char bebox_magic[] = "BSD";
char prep_magic[] = "KMA";
char rs6000_magic[] = "KMZ";
int kern_len;

#define BEBOX_MAGICSIZE         sizeof (bebox_magic)
#define PREP_MAGICSIZE          sizeof (prep_magic)
#define RS6000_MAGICSIZE        sizeof (rs6000_magic)
#define KERNLENSIZE             sizeof (kern_len)
#define BEBOX_ENTRY             0x3100

#define magic           rs6000_magic
#define MAGICSIZE       RS6000_MAGICSIZE

Not sure, but you can probably remove non rs6000 specific entries(BEBOX one) when
this file is used in rs6000 arch directory.



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