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Re: regressions in X11R7 and/or firefox3?

> I seem to have unusably slow firefox3, and also some very odd failure-
> to-paint in parts of the image. its picking up the state of the (virtual)
> root/desktop window in some alpha-channel regions of the  display, outside of
> the core web view.
> I can't work out if this is a firefox3 thing, an X11R7 thing, or what.

I also see this strange transparency for some pages since I updated my
-current (and switched from XFree86 to Xorg, along the way) a few days
ago.  The effect appeared for an "old" firefox3 binary that worked fine
before.  That binary was linked to X11R6 libraries.  Rebuilding my
packages with X11R7 libraries did not help.

Regarding speed, I notice slowness only for pages which do not display
properly.  For other pages, such, speed seems ok
(However, my machine is quite fast, so I might just not notice modest

> Its an IBM X31, radeon M6 mobility chipset, so quite old.

I have an Nvida card and use the nv driver.  Platform is i386.


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