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Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/sets/lists/xfont

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, Bernd Ernesti wrote:

make distribution with X fails like following.
Something lack in UCSFILES in Makefile?

======  24 missing files in DESTDIR  ========
Files in flist but missing from DESTDIR.
File wasn't installed ?


========  end of 24 missing files  ==========
*** [checkflist] Error code 1
1 error
nbmake: stopped in /usr/sources/src/distrib/sets

Hmmm, I added those entries because my ' release' complained
about them being present.

Are both your /usr/src and /usr/xsrc up-to-date?

Yes. I did make release again and got same result.

I thought src/x11/share/fonts/bdf/misc/Makefile lacked
some files, but it was not correct.

Hmmm, as Bernd points out, you're looking at the old xfree86 tree. My commit was specifically for xorg, and I just verified that all the lines I added were flagged properly.

src/x11/share/fonts/bdf/misc/Makefile is for the old xfree86 tree and so
you should get some errors for /usr/X11R6, if you do a build on a arch
which has not be switched to xorg yet.

src/external/mit/xorg/share/fonts/misc/font-misc-misc/Makefile is the
corresponding file for xorg.

My guess is that one of the recent 'make' changes 'fixed' a install problem,
where I don't know if it was broken before or if it is 'broken' now.

Yeah, I couldn't ever figure out why these fonts just started showing up in my build. There were no commits that appeared relevant. And now I'm guessing that that the fix-to-the-fix in make(1) has returned things to their previous state.

I'll go ahead and verify that these fonts are no longer being built, then I'll make those entries as 'obsolete' so it won't complain about them.

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