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Can't boot a MODULAR kernel


I'm trying (for some time now) to update an i386 machine with the
latest sources (from CVS), but I just can't make it boot properly.

After a fresh 4.0.1 install on a single disk (wd0), I have checked out
/usr/src from CVS and followed the instructions from :

# cd /usr/src && mkdir /usr/obj /usr/tools
# ./ -O ../obj -T ../tools tools
# ./  -O ../obj -T ../tools -U -u distribution
# ./  -O ../obj -T ../tools -U -u kernel=GENERIC

The GENERIC config file is a stock one -- not a single change.

# cd ../obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/GENERIC
# mv /netbsd /netbsd.old
# cp netbsd /netbsd

From src/UPDATING,

# cd /usr/src/sys/modules
# ../../../tools/bin/nbmake-i386
# ../../../tools/bin/nbmake-i386 install
# cp /usr/obj/destdir.i386/usr/mdec/boot /boot     (seems to be more
current than /usr/mdec/boot)

# shutdown -r now

boot device: wd0
root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
no file system for wd0 (dev 0x0)
cannot mount root, error = 79
root device (default wd0a):

I'm really feeling somewhat lost on this, as I tried not to overlook
any of the recent discussions about the new MODULAR kernels here on
the list.

I appreciate any help on this.

Ari Constancio

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