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Re: memcpy vs. gcc strict aliasing

In article <>,
Ken Hornstein  <> wrote:
>>All problems I have seen in this area where (at least) "dubious" casts of
>>the source pointer and always very simple to fix. AFAIR this behaviour
>>(treating builtin memcpy just as a structure assignment) is backed by
>>the standard. Don't use a "struct foo" pointer when the thing it points
>>to is not a struct foo (but only it's bytewise copy in an input stream).
>>Just memcpy with the char pointer as source and a real struct foo as the
>>target, and everything is fine.
>FWIW, the original problem that prompted this thread was clearly not a case
>of casting a random network buffer to a pointer to struct foo.  It was
>a struct foo to a struct foo.  I can believe that maybe the allocator that
>lint uses isn't aligning things properly (although it seems to try to), and
>that might be causing the problem.
>(A side note - does it make sense to have lint use it's own allocator?  Could
>it not simply use malloc()?  Are the memory demands by lint that large?)

Which allocator would that be? I think it just wraps malloc.


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