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Re: Current on a Dell OptiPlex 760

    Date:        Thu, 27 Nov 2008 08:46:06 +0000 (GMT)
    From:        Stephen Borrill <>

  | I'm having the same problem with 5.0_BETA on an EeePC 900 (and so is Jared 
  | on a 1000HA).

Actually, from the symptoms, my guess is that you're not - it's just
that from a distant view of what is happening the results appear to
be the same.

For both Mark's Dell and the Vaio I'm testing on, it appears as if
acpi would properly shut down the system if only we ever get to tell
it to do so - the shutdown sequence looks to be being blocked
somewhere, we just need to work out where.

For you and Jared, it seems as if ACPI shutdown isn't functioning
correctly when asked.

That may be for Arnaud Lacombe too, the symptoms he described are kind
of weird, it isn't clear to me what happened there.

The "power button doesn't work" he described affects the Vaio too,
powerd never gets events from the buttons or lid switch.   That one
I am assuming is some different problem (and probably relates in some
way to the magic "sony" device that Vaio's support).  That's much
less important as well.


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