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Re: netbsd-INSTALL goes to prompt

[moved to tech-install]

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Mandacarú Cascavel wrote:
When I try to boot from netbsd-INSTALL I get a prompt, not the installer, as I 
used to see in NetBSD-i386. To get a installer, in order to update the system, 
I need to boot from a boot.iso cdrom. Am I missing anything? My system is a 
x86_em64t 5.99.3.

I guess this is because in The New World Order, the ramdisk image that the installer is on is in a separate kernel module that gets loaded from CD, but the boot loader. If you boot only the CD, you're missing the most important part. This applies for both local booting and PXE.

While having the ramdisk in a separate file is nice, I wonder if it's really the way to go for our install kernels.

 - Hubert

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