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Re: xorg woes

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Paul Goyette wrote:

(Apologies for munging the Subject line in previous response)

It should work with the nv driver.

Well, almost. It loads the driver, maps the rame buffer, and then tries to figure out which outputs have attached monitors:

        (--) NV(0): Connector map:
        (--) NV(0):   Bus 0 -> DAC1
        (--) NV(0):   Bus 1 -> DAC2
        (--) NV(0):   Bus 1 -> SOR0
        (--) NV(0): Load detection: 340
        (II) NV(0): I2C bus "I2C0" initialized.
        (II) NV(0): Output VGA1 using monitor section NEC LCD1970GX
        (II) NV(0): I2C bus "I2C1" initialized.
        (II) NV(0): Output VGA2 has no monitor section
        (II) NV(0): Output DVI0 has no monitor section
        (II) NV(0): Probing for EDID on I2C bus 0...
        (II) NV(0): I2C device "I2C0:ddc2" registered at address 0xA0.
        (II) NV(0): I2C device "I2C0:ddc2" removed.
        (II) NV(0):   ... none found
        (--) NV(0): Trying load detection on VGA1 ...

That is as far as it ever gets.  So back to the vesa driver for now,
and back to 16-bpp mode.

Hmmm. It seems that the nv driver succeeds on roughly every second attempt. I can actually get it running if I kill and restart xdm.

However, even when it comes up, it comes up using the wrong display mode (it should use 1280x1024, but the screen appears to be 1024x768, or maybe 800x600). And the Ctrl/Alt/KP+ and Ctrl/Alt/KP- keys don't change the mode. It would appear that none of the Ctrl/Alt/XXX key combos have any effect, since the Ctrl/Alt/Fn keys don't switch VTs either.

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