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xorg woes

Well, I got a couple of machines with new native in-tree xorg running, after battling to get my /etc/X11/xorg.conf set up right. (Half the battle was just finding the file!)

But I've got a couple of issues that don't seem quite right:

1. VT switching doesn't work.  I've editted xorg.conf in every way I
   can imagine for "Option DontVTSwitch" but it just doesn't make any

2. One of my machines has a GeForce video card, and it doesn't seem to
   have a specific driver.  So I have to use "Driver vesa".  The man
   page for vesa claims that the driver supports 24bpp, but when I
   start the server, the log file says that it doesn't.  I have to
   comment out the 24-bit mode and set the display's default depth
   to 16 bits.

3. It seems that if you have neither a xorg.conf nor XF86config file
   in /etc/X11, the server will use a built-in configuration.  This
   almost works, except it doesn't know about wsmouse!

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